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Dried Organic Mushrooms

Dried organic culinary mushrooms

We supply dried organic mushrooms whole, sliced, granulated or powdered from various origins- such as South East Europe, China and Ecuador. Our warehouse and processing factory are both geographically located in the middle of Germany.

Our warehouse "Kuhlhaus Grimmenthal" is situated in Obermassfeld Thuringen. This company stores our mushrooms and mushroom products under frozen conditions. Between 300 and 400 paletts with around 20 -30 tons of frozen culinary mushrooms. With stocks of this size we can deliver any quantity you want all year around without delay. We have the policy of keeping in stock 1 years supply of every product.

Our partner company Maxfood GmbH in Thuringen Germany is an extremly competent processing company for our culinary mushrooms. This company is equipped with a most sophisticated machine park including CO2 pressure tunnels, X-ray detection, vacuum cleaning, a diasteril line for Germ reduction and mills for powders and granules. All machines are equipped with very sensitive metal detectors.
We can gurantee you the best possible products because our excellent raw materials are combined with elaborate processing steps. Linklist

By keeping all our mushrooms products in frozen chambers we can guarantee that this excellent quality is maintained during the storage time. Overall quality, color, aroma and flavor as well as moisture remain constant. We can therefore guarantee a Best before date of 18 months.

Species list of our dried organic mushrooms:

English name: Latin name: Form Quality: Certifier: Origin:
Boletus Boletus Slices A IMO, OK, Ceres Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia
Boletus Boletus Slices A BCS China
Morels Morchella „Specials - 5cm" A IMO, OK, Ceres Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Argentinia, India
Butter Mushroom Suillus luteus Slices A BCS Ecuador
Cantharellus Cantharellus cibarius Halves A IMO, OK, Ceres Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia
Black Chanterelle Craterellus cornucopioides Halves A IMO, OK, Ceres Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia
Scotch Bonnet/ Fairy Ring Mushroom Marasimus oreades Whole A Balkan Biocert Bulgaria
Button Mushroom Agaricus bisporus Slices A BCS, SKAL China, Holland
Shiitake Lentinus edodes Slices, Hats A BCS, IPAC China, Portugal
Jews Ear Auricularia judae Whole A BCS China
Almond Mushroom Agaricus blazei Halves, whole A BCS China
Truffles Tuber indicum Slices A BCS China
Silver Ear Tremella fuciformis Whole A BCS China
Hen of Woods/Maitake Grifola frondos Slices 2-4 cm A BCS China
Eryngii Mushroom Pleurotus eryngii Slices A BCS China
Nameko Mushroom Pholiota nameko Whole A BCS China
Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus Pieces A BCS China
Reishi Ganoderma lucidum Slices A BCS China

Our features:

  • Large quantities of EU custom declared dried mushrooms amd mushroom powders and granules in our German refrigerated warehouse in D-98617 Obermassfeld / Thuringen.
  • By keeping our products in frozen state we can guarantee maximum product quality and security.
  • Expertise in acquisition of mushrooms.
  • Through lean company structures and skilled competence we can guarantee you competetive prices.
  • Professional processing of our mushroom by a skilled and well equipped company