Quality control measures

We ensure a continuously high quality of our products by the following measures:

Project monitoring:

  • We obtain our mouhrooms from a few producers only. These producers have proved competent after a thorough selection process and we are working with some of these suppliers since 2004. Therefore we have cooperations based on long and trusting relationships.


  • We buy directly from the producers ad not from European traders.

Quality ensurance measures:

  • Imports of critical products such as Butter Mushroom from Ecuador or Boletus from China are carried out in frozen state in « Reefer » containers.
  • Of each imported lot we make laboratory analysis including pesticides, microbiology and the heavy metals Cadmium, Lead and Quicksilver.
  • Mushrooms from South East Europe are additionally analysed for radioactivity.

    Below you can see analysis samples :


  • Immediately after in Germany arrival all our mushrooms are stored in our temperature controlled warehouse "Kulhaus Grimmenthal" in Thuringen at minus 25°C. This proceeding ensures a stable and continuous quality in respect to color, taste and moisture. It also serves as a measure of pest control.


Our culinary mushrooms are processed by the company Maxfood GmbH in Wolfmannshausen some 20 km away from our warehouse. Maxfood GmbH is a well established company equipped with the best available stainless steel technology offering various processing methods such as:

  • CO2 pressure tunnels
  • X-ray detection
  • Vacuum cleaning to remove heavy particles such as stones and clay as well as light particles such as papers, hairs, leaves and grass
  • Diasteril line for Germ reduction through a linear continuous short heating process followed immediately by an active cooling process
  • Mills for powders and granules
  • All machines are equipped with very sensitive metal detectors - the precision is ferrous > 0,8mm, non- ferrous > 1,2mm